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With unforgettable branding, your clear messaging stands out in the minds and hearts of your customers, your employees, and the world, making it easier for your brand to grow.

your brand is your reputation

Your brand is your reputation – it’s your customers’ gut feeling about you and your business. You want to win over the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. We bring strategy to life by engaging your audiences to deeply connect with your brand.

Branding is the art that connects the mission, vision, and purpose of the brand with its customer. The brand we create for you will move people to interact with your business and inspire them to share. 

The purpose of branding is to establish:

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Branding Process

Simple & Fun

Our seamless and efficient process is one of the factors that sets us apart from our competitors. Our process looks something like this:

Featured project

Sacred Kinship

KP Design is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Keri Davis at Sacred Kinship, an intuitive mentor and animal communicator. Working closely with Keri, we developed a holistic branding strategy and website that captures her distinctive approach to intuitive mentoring and animal communication.

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Why Invest in branding?

Brand perception is one of the most important motivators when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Consumers are convinced that recognizable and popular brands will deliver on their promises and provide a better user experience. 

Professional branding allows you to control the type of customers you want to attract. By focusing on an audience that shares a set of values and attitudes similar to yours, you can create messaging that will resonate with them. 

It is much easier for a recognizable and memorable brand to get referrals. 

Branding will significantly elevate the value of your business, allowing you to set a higher price for your products and services. Consumers are always willing to buy branded products that are more expensive than some generic products. 

let us help

Our elevated branding makes it easy for change-makers to charge premium prices, clearly engaging your audiences to deeply connect with your brand. We will help articulate what you mean to your customers with a memorable, differentiating visual identity and artistic strategy that will allow your brand to come to life.

branding includes:

Successfully leading you to your brand's ultimate vision.