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Below are just a few of our ideas and insights about industry-related topics. We hope you enjoy these resources and find them useful. 

Trusted Partners

Resources for change-makers

We have come across and worked with many talented people who share the same vision of helping change-makers elevate their businesses. Below you will find our resources list of exceptional humans who offer elevated services. 

Erin Marcus

Founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, Erin Marcus has been mentoring, training, teaching and coaching for more than twenty years.
Conquer Your Business
The Project Shaman

the project shaman

Meet Phi, lead shaman and creative director at The Project Shaman, a video consultancy that video enable businesses, by producing and teaching video.
The Project Shaman
The Idea Collective

the idea collective

Founder Pat Miller the Idea Coach has created a small business incubator, the first of its kind, for small business owners to help each other grow. KP Design is a proud member!
Idea Collective
Whitney Marie Media

Whitney Marie Media

Whitney specializes in customized social media branding strategy on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to target your engaged audience, boost following and consumer awareness.
Whitney Marie MEdia
Spots on the Fox

Spots on the Fox

Cultivating Creative Communities, Spots Initiatives is a national network of online storefronts created in an effort to support small businesses in our local communities.
Spots on the Fox


Flywheel is the only hosting platform we build on because their servers are specially optimized for the needs of WordPress.



With over 20 years in the website and graphic design industry, we’ve evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape as well as the refined needs of our clients in a rapidly changing world. Our clear brand strategy and designs have elevated the digital presence of change-makers all across North America. 

  • Our process is easy, fun and efficient as we take on a collaborative approach with our clients and offer flexibility and understanding for each unique project.
  • We value partnership above all else and enjoy cultivating an authentic relationship with our clients so we can deliver the best possible creative assets to grow businesses.
  • We are ranked #1 by Best In Calgary for WordPress website design as well as graphic design services.
  • We take on a limited number of clients so that we can dedicate time and energy to not only creating stunning brands and websites, but to also offer continued support even after the project has been completed.

Our seamless and efficient process is one of the factors that sets us apart from our competitors. Our process looks something like this:

  1. Intuitive Listening and Onboarding – we connect with you and understand everything you are saying (and not saying) about the vision for your business. Spending time in your energy allows us to begin to piece together creative elements and develop strategies on how to connect with your target audience. Our electronic project planner is easy to fill out and asks questions that get you thinking more clearly about your branding needs and goals.
  2. Armed with information, you can sit back and focus on running your business while we design your brand! This phase can take up to 2 weeks but often is done much sooner.  Once ready, we will schedule a brand reveal…this is one of the most fun moments in the entire process!
  3. Once the brand is approved, we begin work on your custom WordPress website. Depending on the size of your site, this can take 2-3 weeks to complete. Again, you get to focus on your business while we build a website that will appeal to your targeted audiences and bring your brand to life. Once built, we schedule a reveal to go over the entire website with you. As soon as you’re happy with it, we finish the SEO implementation and launch the site.
  4. Brand implementation is having us in your back pocket to make sure you stay on-brand across all platforms. Often our clients have us design Canva templates, create print designs such as business cards and brochures, and design fresh assets as needed. 

Yes, to start any project with KP Design, we require an upfront and non-refundable deposit of 50% to secure your spot the design queue. 

We have a wealth of resources that we are happy to share with you! Get in touch with us and we would be happy to recommend stellar people for the following services:

  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • Small Business Incubator
  • Copywriting
  • Direct Marketing
  • Photography

Search engine optimization is included in each website project with KP Design. We integrate SEO intelligence directly into our content design, delivering higher rankings more quickly. We build a robust foundation for long-term SEO goals (such as organic traffic) which also works well with short-term SEO strategies (such as Google Ads). 

We do not use website templates – custom designs do not come to life within the limitations of a template. By building each website from scratch, we are able to offer truly unique experiences that also offer the best SEO implementations. 

One of the reasons change-makers are drawn to us is because we can look at existing brands and websites and see where the problems are. If you already had the perfect brand, you would not be looking for help. 

We offer a Brand Refresh for businesses that want to maintain an already established logo. When we rework the brand, we keep the general look of the logo, but give it a bit of a facelift. We rework colors, from subtle hue changes to introducing completely new colors that are more likely to engage your audience. We also rework font choices in the logo (if it makes sense to do so) as well as refine font selections for print and digital applications. Each brand refresh client also receives a Brand Style Guide, a small booklet to help keep your business on brand when interacting in the real world.

KP Design does not work with websites created by other agencies or built with a DIY platform by the client. We start each website from scratch so we can implement the right SEO strategy as well as the new brand. 

We do not offer social media management at this time. Our skillset is best used in creating design templates in Canva based on your brand so you can show up on social media on-brand and with a fighting chance of being noticed.

We only work with our hosting platform at Flywheel – we have been in the business long enough, and have done enough research, to know the best platform for optimal website performance for our clients. Website load times are one of our clients’ top concerns so we found a solution that not only offers takes care of that, but also offers many more benefits such as:

  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 IT at not extra cost
  • Free CDN (content delivery network)
  • Free malware cleanup
  • Specifically designed for WordPress